Rachèl Harmsen (1984) graduated from the AKV St. Joost art university in Den Bosch in 2008; towards illustration (Bachelor of Design). During her studies, she did an internship at Ellen Uytewaal, Joke van Leeuwen, Andrea Kruis and Christofoor. After this, she worked as a freelance illustrator, designer, artist and street painter, had exhibitions and made illustrations for the brochure of Vitalis Biological Zaden B.V., among other things. She started giving art workshops at Cultuur & Ontmoeting in Veenendaal. She also took various courses at the BNO (Professional Association for Dutch Designers) and Kunstenaars&CO.

In 2010, Rachèl went to Nepal and gave art lessons at various schools. And in 2011, she started designing fair trade and eco cushions, bags and cuddly toys made in Nepal; for her own label MUSKAN. Muskan means 'smile' in Nepali. In 2013 she obtained the Bachelor of Education in Art and Design at the HKU Art University in Utrecht. During her studies, she gained a lot of experience in various special education schools and did an internship at Bartimeus; a school for blind and visually impaired children. She also did an internship at the Leidsche Rijn College. She started working in childcare (including art after school care) and took courses in child coaching.

In 2015, Rachèl obtained her Pedagogical Work diploma and started full-time at the Christian international school KISC (Kathmandu International Study Center) in Nepal as an art teacher and ICT teacher. And in 2016, in addition to teaching, Rachèl also started making illustrations for the X-liedjes songs of her father Henk Harmsen. She provided educational training to teachers from Nepalese schools. Since 2017 she has worked in special education and since 2019 in disability care and obtained the Master's degree in SEN (Special Educational Needs); specializing in communication disabilities (including the deaf, hearing impaired, autism, TOS). 

From 2021, Rachèl started illustrating and writing for magazines such as Sestra and Hoormij. She also wrote a column with illustrations for Hoormij in 2022. Rachèl then worked as an art teacher and ICT teacher at a school for Ukrainian refugees. In 2023 she completed a course in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; specialized in Pattern Design, at the educational institute Textilice.

Rachèl's work is colorful and expressive; she works with mixed media; including acrylic, watercolor, ecoline, chalk, ink, pencils, markers and digital techniques. 

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